Noonday Collection

The goal of Noonday Collection is to help create a pathway out of poverty for artisans around the world. They partner with other ministries and businesses to sell beautifully designed and meticulously handcrafted jewelry, accessories and home goods.

One of their partners, Jenny Krauss, discovered the ancient and beautiful embroidery prevalent in Peru. The remote rural area was previously terrorized by the group, "The Shining Path". Recognizing the artistry indigenous to this area, she began to employ these women by creating pieces for the United States market. There are now 900 women employed in this remote region of Peru. 

The only opportunities previously available in these rural areas were agricultural. By enabling these women to earn a living wage through their ancient craft of embroidery, some have been able to purchase chickens (thus providing eggs and meat), enter the local political arena, and even employ their husbands as couriers. All of their products are made according to fair trade guidelines. This means the artisans are paid a living wage, have a safe working environment and are not subject to workplace pollutants or toxins. They usually work at home with their children playing nearby. 

Each belt is a one-of-a-kind work of art handcrafted with love by a Peruvian artisan. Come enjoy an up-close look at Artreach! Noonday also features unique pieces created by artists in Uganda, Guatemala, China, Lebanon, Ecuador and refugee artisans adjusting to life in the United States.

Noonday came together for founder Jessica Honegger as the "dream she never knew she possessed" just this year. On a mission trip to Uganda in January, Jessica and her husband felt the call to adopt internationally. The founders of African Style products in Uganda graciously donated their products to help the Honegger's raise money for their Rwandan adoption. From there, a small grain of an idea developed into a full-fledged company in a matter of weeks. By selling stylish fair trade products at small events and trunk shows in people's homes, she's able to share the plight of the oppressed in a personal way. 

"I love helping women feel beautiful and have fun, I love giving other women a voice, and I love getting to share God's heart for the orphan," Jessica writes on their website. A portion of the profits from every sale helps place orphans in forever families. We are thrilled that the Honeggers just traveled to Rwanda to finally bring home their son. They will continue to give to and support adoptive families.

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